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  • For any queries, please contact: gsef@gsef-net.org / +82 (0)2 32 4208
  • Upon the submission of the application form, the Secretariat will respond within 5 working days

1. Membership Category

Please choose the type of membership for which you are applying.

  • Full memberhip

    A full member possesses the right to vote and is eligible to run for election. It is open to local governments and social economy networks as detailed below.

Please provide the following information required to calcule the amount of the membership fee.
You can check your index on the website at: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2017/02/weodata/index.aspx.

2. Contact Details

General Information
Leader of Executive Authority
Focal Point for Liaison with the Secretariat

3. Signatory

Note: Signature of Mayor/CEO or equivalent authorized representative of local gov./organization.

4. Others

Please briefly describe the current status of your city/organization based on items in a box below in terms of social economy. You may also provide us with more information such as legal status, governing rules and annual report separately.

Member registration is reviewed by the GSEF Secretariat and decided by the Steering Committee.  The registration procedure is stated in a separate clause.

Note : please send the completed membership application form via e-mail, mail and fax to the GSEF Secretariat. After receiving the application documents, our membership unit will contact you regarding the membership fee.
You will be considered a full GSEF member only upon receipt of membership fees. If you have any inquiries about membership, please feel free to contact the Secretariat.