September, 2017 Newsletter

SEPTEMBER Edition 2017
Global Social Economy Forum
Global Platform for Promoting SSE
[Featured News]: The 1st GSEF Global Youth Camp for SSE Sketch

Find out stories of over 100 youth from 25 different countries from around the world. The 1st Edition of the GSEF Global Youth Camp for SSE. (Korea, 22 ~ 25 August). 
[GSEF News]: Participation in the 4th World Forum of LED
In collaboration with the ILO and UNRISD, GSEF is going to present the potential of social economy for inclusive urban development and localisation of SDGs 
(Cabo Verde, 17 ~ 20 Oct). 
[GSEF Announcement]: C.I.T.I.E.S GA & GSEF SC meeting
C.I.T.I.E.S is hosting  the International Conference on Municipalism and SSE (Barcelona, 16 ~ 18 Nov).  During the conference, C.I.T.I.E.S General Assembly (18th) and GSEF Steering Committee meeting (15th) will take place. 
[Upcoming Events I]: Social Enterprise Advocacy and Leveraging (SEAL) Conference
SEAL Conference Asia 2017 - the 2nd ISEA Regional Assembly is taking place this month (Bali, 26 ~ 28 Sep). The central theme of the conference is 'Addressing Inequality for a Just Economy'. 
[Upcoming Event II]: The 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference 
For the first time in its edition, the 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference will be taking place in Asia (Seoul, 12 ~ 14 Oct) under the theme 'The Great Transformation and Contemporary Crises'.
[SSE Review]: 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking
We interviewed a representative of '3 Sisters Adventure Trekking & Empowering Women of Nepal' a social enterprise empowering underprivileged women in Nepal and promoting sustainable tourism.