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[The 1st GSEF Global Youth Camp for SSE Working Group Report]

Date of Publication: 
November 2017
Publication Type: 
Case study

[The 1st GSEF Global Youth Camp for SSE Working Group Report]


The 1st edition of the GSEF Global Youth Camp for SSE took place from 22nd to 25th of August in two locations, Seoul and Gurye, South Korea. This camp started from the question such as "What are the perspective that the youth have on SSE?", "Why do they need international cooperation?" and "How do they make it happen?"

From the second day to the last day of the camp, all participants gathered to discuss four main themes of the camp such as decent work, housing, social finance and the local community. Through the elective sessions, they asked why he/she needs these kinds of activities and recognized the needs for supporting youth as crucial potential actors for the development of SSE.

For the recap of each elective session's group projects and further details of the working group discussions, check out the link below.


Working Group Report (click each working group link below to read the details of the presentations)


Decent Work 1 - John Won (South Korea)

Decent Work 2 - Yong Kun Cho (South Korea)

Local Communities - Jon Abaitua (Spain)

Housing - Nicolas Nadeau (Canada)

Social Finance - Yujiao Xia (China)