October, 2017 Newsletter

GlobalSocial Economy Forum
Newsletter October Edition 2017
[GSEF News]
GSEF SC meeting and Europe Policy Dialogue (EPD) 
Back to back with the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings, GSEF is hosting the 2017 GSEF Steering Committee meeting and the EPD  
(5 Dec, Archamps, France).
[GSEF Member News]
MoU between RTES and Association of Korean Local Governments for SSE
GSEF assisted RTES and AKLGSES (association of local governments for SSE in France and Korea respectively) to sign MoU for mutual cooperation. 
[Upcoming Events]
EFSSE 2017 - European Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy 
RIPESS Europe and other key European SSE networks are hosting the second edition of the EFSSE (9 Nov, European Parliament, Brussel).
ILO 8th SSE Academy recap II - Legal framework and public procurement for SSE
How different countries have established legal frameworks and public procurement policies to promote social and solidarity economy? Find out what is happening in Korea, Japan, China and South Africa.
[SSE Review]

We interviewed the co-founder of social enterprise 'Co-Ground' Andrew Mellody during the 2017 GSEF Youth Camp for SSE last Aug in Korea. Find more about interesting stories from Co-Ground, working on community development for both Australia and Vanuatu.
Recent Evolution of the Social Economy in the EU
One in ten jobs are coming from the social economy sector in some of the European countries. Check out the recent development status of SSE in the EU.
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