3rd EMES-Polanyi International Seminar

Date: 16 - 17 April 2018

Host: EMES

Venue: Roskilde University, Cophenhagen, Denmark 

Title: Welfare Societies in Transition

* For further details fro the seminar, please find the porgramme attached


"The third international seminar co-organized by organizations and initiatives leading research and practice inspired by the legacy of Karl Polanyi and the EMES Network’s multi-dimensional approach to social and solidarity economy. At a time where state and public institutions built in the last century seem to be less able to address the challenges facing societies across the globe, we like to think of these two days as a unique space to exchange original thinking
and experiences. The organizers of this seminar would like to thank supporters, members of the scientific committee, keynote speakers, presenters and the rest of delegates for making it possible. Thinking critically about the transitions underway through the lenses of solidarity and reciprocity allows us to cast new light on emerging or existing dynamics and initiatives (new commons, social enterprise, etc.). Ensuring that a community of committed scholars and practitioners have the forum to share this thinking is what empowers the EMES to continue. Enjoy the seminar!"