The First LED Forum Evaluation Meeting


Organised by FAMSI (The Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity), the fist LED (Local Economic Development) evaluation meeting will be held on 'The role of networks of cities as an instrument of local action and social cohesion' from 14 ~ 15 May in Sevilla, Spain. GSEF is going to engage in this international dialogue by stressing the role of SSE for inclusive local economy development and the agenda 2030.​ *For further details about the forum is as belw, the description is from the FAMSI website (translated) here: link (available in Spanish). 

The Seminar will be organized around dialogues in which diverse profiles of international scope will be linked to the territorial policies of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda and cooperation. Crossing these three lines, local development, the 2030 agenda and international cooperation, throughout the day will be analysed the challenges and strategies that currently exist, the impact of cooperation on local economic development and the 2030 Agenda, as well as the experiences and proposals that can enhance the relationship between the three elements. 

Other thematic meetings will be held around this agenda. Among them, an internal meeting to evaluate the process of the Local Economic Development Forums, from the first of them, in Seville (2011), to the fourth edition that took place in Cape Verde, in October of 2017, with the presence of the members of the International Committee of the Forums. In addition, an international delegation from Ecuador will make a technical cooperation visit to Andalusia to learn about different aspects of public management of Andalusian municipalities and provinces related to waste management, water, historical heritage and city networks. 
The agenda begins on May 14 . The Columbus House of Huelva hosts the celebration of the International Seminar 'The management of local public services and the Sustainable Development Goals' on 14 and 15 May.  (You can register here). On the 15th, in Seville , the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation hosts the seminar 'Andalucía Integradora; the networks of cities as an instrument of local action and social cohesion '. (You can sign up through the link here) Lastly, on May 17, the Local Economic Development will focus the contents of an International Seminar, open to the public that will be attended by representatives of international and multilateral organizations, governments and other actors of international cooperation. Also 'Local economic development and development cooperation as axes in the 2030 Agenda' will be addressed.