GSEF 2018 - Site Visits


OCTOBER 3, Wednesday 14.30-18.30 SITE VISITS

Site visits have been organised according to thematic itineraries that will offer the opportunity to observe specific examples of Social Economy enterprises/activities:

1. Community and social initiative itinerary (2 hours)

2. Consumers itinerary (2 hours)

3. Environmental itinerary (3 hours)

4. Financial itinerary (2 hours)

5. Industrial itinerary 1 (3 hours)

6. Industrial itinerary 2 (3 hours)

7. Public initiative integration itinerary (3 hours)

8. Social and occupational integration itinerary (2 hours)

9. Support and care for elderly itinerary (Silver Economy) (2 hours)

10. Visit to BBF- Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria- Social Entrepreneurship Space promoted by Mondragon University (2 hours)

11. MONDRAGON Experience (5.5 hours). The visit is structured around 4 itineraries which are undertaken in the city of Arrasate-Mondragon in cooperation with MONDRAGON Corporation.

This visit may be done in the afternoon of Wednesday 3 October (start 13.30-return 19.00), Thursday 4 October in morning sessions (start Bilbao 8.30 - return 14.00) and afternoons (start Bilbao 13.30 - return 19.00 hours).

The organisers of the Forum will make available, to those persons interested, the means of transport and the specific programme of contents of each itinerary, prior to registering for them.

Maximum places for each itinerary 30 people, except to BBF where the capacity is 60-70 people and the MONDRAGON experience which caters for 3 programmed sessions: 1 on the afternoon of 3 October and 2 on 4 October - one in the morning and the other in the afternoon for 80-100 people in each session.

There is limitation for the site visits and there can be an extra charge to attend the site visit. 

The attached PDF file includes detailed information per visit.

Please find more information at the registration page or contact directly

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