GSEF communication working group

The GSEF communication working group (CWG) has been formed by ESSFI, RIPESS, City of Montreal, Le Chantier de l'économie sociale and APAY. Currently the CWG is collectively working on revamping the GSEF news letter to become a more participatory communication channels that better accommodate members' needs and voices. The new edition of GSEF newsletter will be available from the next June edition. The CWG will also discuss a ways of enhancing overall GSEF communication tools and strategies in a collective manner. Below is a list of forthcoming newsletters that the CWG is going to cover prior to the GSEF2018 event.

If you wish to share any organisational or social economy related news with the GSEF community, please do inform us via Also, we sincerely look forward to receive your feedback and suggestion for the layouts, contents of the GSEF newsletter as well as other communication tools such as the GSEF homepage and SNS channels. We hope to build a strong communication channels together with you.


Main themes to be covered (these are also the GSEF2018 four main themes)

  1. Co-creation of public policies

  2. The contribution of the social economy to the transformation of the territory

  3. Growth of social economy entities

  4. The future of work and employment