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Social and Solidarity Economy for the Sustainable Development Goals - SPOTLIGHT ON THE SOCIAL ECONOMY IN SEOUL

Date of Publication: 
July 2018
Publication Type: 

Title: Social and Solidarity Economy for the Sustainable Development Goals 'SPOTLIGHT ON THE SOCIAL ECONOMY IN SEOUL'

Year: Jul 2018

Publisher: UNRISD

Summary (from UNRISD website)

This research examined the social economy (SE) in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and how it is contributing to implementing and, ultimately, achieving the city’s “localized” SDGs. Characterized by a rapid development of proactive SE policies, dramatic growth of SE organizations and enterprises, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s strong commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the city’s experience offers a valuable opportunity to further enrich understanding of social and solidarity economy as a means of implementation of the SDGs. This was the first case study of a series of research projects on SSE and the SDGs which UNRISD is planning to undertake.

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