GSEF collaborates with internationally renowned researchers and research institutes to scale and evaluate SSE activities in the members’ territories and publishes policy papers on their potentials and impacts. The GSEF policy review series intends to introduce different social economy development strategies of GSEF member cities such as Seoul, Quebec, Basque to provide a broad policy reference on the way to formulate the strategy for utilising the SSE for the sustainable urban development. Since 2016, GSEF has released a series of policy guidebook to map out social economy development status in Korea (Seoul), Peru (nationwide) and Cape Verde (Praia). A broader range of regions in different continents that have particular relevances and implications will be covered in the coming publications.  



A list of policy guidebook  (as of 2018)


Korea: Status of Social Economy Development in Seoul - A case study of Seoul (2016), in partnership with Karl Polanyi Institute Asia

Korea: Social and Solidarity Economy for the Sustainable Development Goals - Spotlight on the Social Economy in Seoul (2018), in partnership with UNRISD

South America

Peru:  Mapping of the Social and Solidarity Economy of Peru (2018), in partnership with Grupo Red de Economía Solidaria Perú 


Cape Verde: The Reality and Perspectives of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the City of Praia (2018), in partnership with CITI-Habitat