GSEF is open to anyone willing to resolve community and global issues through the social and solidarity economy.
GSEF looks forward to welcoming you to the global social economy network where we seek collaboration based on public-private-community partnerships for a better world.

Full membership (with voting rights)
  • Local government membership
  • Social economy network membership
Associate Membership
  • Open to any social economy-related organization wishing to actively participate in GSEF's activities
Honorary Membership
  • Offered to individuals or organizations that have made a notable contribution to diverse social economy sectors and GSEF activities. Candidates for honorary membership may be nominated by the GSEF Steering Committee and be acknowledged by the General Assembly.
* To find out more about the GSEF membership please refer to the GSEF membership prospectus


Membership applications are reviewed by the GSEF Secretariat and submitted for decision to the Steering Committee of the GSEF. The whole registration procedure is detailed in a separate clause.
A member may withdraw its membership by informing the GSEF Secretariat in writing. The whole withdrawal procedure is detailed in a separate clause.
Warning and Disqualification
The GSEF Steering Committee may take the necessary steps to decide on the disqualification of a member if that member is harming or contravening the Vision, Mission, Objectives, and the GSEF Charter. The GSEF Steering Committee shall go through the designated formalities to disqualify the member.




  • Every member can participate in the activities and programs of the GSEF. They can also gain access to all information, resources and records related to the GSEF.
  • To pursue individual development and achieve common goals, a member can suggest specific ways to consolidate solidarity and cooperation. Each member may also set forth his or her view through GSEF's various communication channels, and fully exercise his or her rights in accordance with the decision making process within the GSEF.


  • Every member supports and collaborates on the tasks and programs promoted by the GSEF.
  • Every member practices solidarity in the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and information needed for the expansion of the ecosystem of social economy.
  • Every member pays an annual fee to contribute to the GSEF’s fiscal self-reliance and solidarity among all members.

Membership Benefits

  • Invitation with priority in activities and programs of the GSEF (fora, workshops or trainings) 
  • Discount or waiver of the participation fee for GSEF events
  • Access to all information, resources, and records related to the GSEF
  • Use of the GSEF's communication channels such as monthly E-newsletters and social media
  • Right to suggest the main agenda of GSEF and participate in the decision-making process within the GSEF